Náboj Junior is an international math & physics competition designed for teams of four Stage 4 students that represent their school. The competition lasts 120 minutes during which the teams try to solve as many of the given problems as possible.

At the beginning of the competition each team receives six problems. As soon as the team correctly solves any of the problems, it receives a new one. The team that solves most problems correctly in the given time limit wins.

About the problem set

Difficulty of the problems is appropriate both for students inexperienced in mathematical competitions and for students who have already succeeded in Mathematical Olympiad. The problems are in an ascending order of their perceived difficulty. Problems in Náboj differ considerably from the routine school exercises which usually require only direct application of standard methods - the Náboj problems require certain amount of inventiveness and ingenuity. Success in the competition does not only depend on the individual abilities of the team members, but also on their efficient cooperation. Apart from enhancing imagination and logical reasoning our goal is to attract people to the inexhaustible beauty hidden in mathematics and physics.

Competition sites

This year, Naboj Junior will be held online, so the competition will take place on many different places across Czech republic, France, Poland and Slovakia. The competition is evaluated in each country separately, but pupils can compare themselves on international level in final results.


The best teams receive certificates and material prizes.