About us

What is Náboj Junior?

Náboj Junior is a competition in math and physics for teams of four secondary school students, mainly from 8th and 9th grade (13-14 years old). The competition lasts 120 minutes during which teams try to solve as many problems as they can. The teams don't receive all the problems at once, they start with a set of problems. For each solved problem the team receives a new problem.

Náboj isn't just about mindless application of school knowledge. The problems require some inventive thinking and ingenuity. Their difficulty is suited to students who are not used to competing in problem solving, but also to successful participants of mathematics and physics olympiads. The success of the team usually does not depend only on the abilities of an individual participant, but mainly on effective team cooperation.

The international comparison is available slightly after the competition and the winners obtain diplomas and prizes. All the other teams receive attendance diplomas in pdf format.

Where does it take place?

During the last organized year we had 3600 participants in more than 50 hosting places in Czechia, Slovakia and Poland. In 2020 we decided to cancel the competition due to a pandemic situation, which caused students not being in schools.

This year we are planning an online competition. All a school will need is one computer per team and EVERY school from competing countries can participate.

We are working hard on expanding Náboj Junior to more countries, so if your country is not on the list, let us know. We will keep in touch and let you know if something new occurs. Maybe together we will come up with a possibility to bring Náboj Junior to your country.

Are you interested in Náboj Junior and would you like to participate?
Would you like your pupils to participate?
Or would you like to help us with expanding Náboj Junior to your country?

Write us an email to junior naboj org alt64 info-sk